The Ghost Pivots Class - Registration is Open
If you're interested in joining the Ghost Pivots course late, get in touch with me:

Send me an Email to
  •  The Ghost Pivots Scanner & Indicator
This helps you scan for trades in just a few minutes per day or per week. The indicator & radar screen is available for MT4, Ninja, TradeStation, and even ThinkorSwim. You'll receive easy to follow instructions on how to get everything set up in minutes.
  •  The Ghost Pivots Robot
This robot will take your ghost pivots trades for you - automatically, so you don't have to sit in front of the screen waiting for trades.
  •  The Simple Step-by-Step Ghost Pivots Trading System ®
It's the best, easiest to follow, highest-probability trading system I've ever created. You'll receive step-by-step instructions on the system, with clear guidelines on when and how to take Ghost Pivot trades, so you're ready to take these trades on your own.
  •  52 Issues of the End of Week Report
You'll get a newsletter delivered to your email inbox every Thursday morning, with the top trades ready right now. This report is a done-for-you solution so you don't even have to scan for the highest-probability trades.
  •  104 Support Calls
We'll jump on a live call, twice a month (or more) - and at least 104 times, for as many months and years as it takes, so you will feel comfortable that you know exactly what you're doing.